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Here are a few tips for hosting a great recital at BDAC

BDAC is available for recitals, rehearsals, and recordings.


  • Masks are required to be worn at BDAC.​

  • Hand sanitizer is at the front door, stage, and back door. BDAC will be responsible for cleaning the pianos before and after recitals. Wipes or alcohol are not permitted to be used on the piano. We encourage students to use hand sanitizer before and after their performance. 

  • BDAC is recommending performances be staggered when possible to reduce the number of people in the building at one time. The art center is also requesting guests enter through the front and leave through the back when possible.

  • Right now, the art center can comfortably seat 50 guests with physical distancing measures. The more guests in the building, the less physical distancing is possible.

  • BDAC rents the hall in two-hour blocks. Set up before your recital beings and clean up after the recital concludes occurs during your reserved two-hour time frame, so plan your time accordingly. If you need additional time, you may rent out an additional two-hour time block. 

  • Make sure your guests know where BDAC is located. Parking is available along Main Street, 100 North, and behind the BDAC building. 

  • Inform your students and their families to enter through the main west entrance located on 90 N Main Street.

  • Entering through the back doors can be distracting to the audience and performers.

  • Restrooms are located on the south side of the stage. 

  • Make sure you leave the space clean. Our least favorite thing to do is charge a cleaning fee. If you choose to use the self-service chair set up, please make sure you put away the chairs after the recital, or you will be assessed a service fee of $20.

  • If you change your recital date, please write down the date and/or time change and communicate this with your students and their families. 

Please be sure to read our policies for more information.

BDAC Recital Tips
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