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Bountiful Davis Art Center invites professional artists, artist organizations, and curators to submit proposals for exhibitions that would take place at BDAC in 2022.  Professional artists working in any media may apply. BDAC strives to support local artists and is also interested in serving the community by exhibiting art from outside of Utah.  BDAC exhibits high-quality contemporary, traditional, and folk art as well as functional and commercial art such as illustration.

The mission of the BDAC Exhibitions Program is to:

  • Provide the Utah community and greater public with easy access to high-quality art exhibitions

  • Provide a platform for sharing the artistic expressions of emerging and established artists

  • Enhance public understanding of the value and purposes of art

  • Nurture innovation in arts and culture


View photos and floorplans of BDAC's four beautiful galleries here: BUILDING


All applications must be complete and submitted online no later than 11:59 PM SEPT 11, 2022. We strongly recommend using this online form to apply, however we will accept mailed proposals under extenuating circumstances.  Mailed proposals must be postmarked no later than Sept 9, 2020. For questions regarding the application process, please contact BDAC: 801.295-3618



Please submit documentation of art via this online form. Photos should be high-resolution (approx. 1920 pixels at the longest side and at least 72 dpi) images of work, which may include detail views. Photos must be of work completed in the past THREE years*, never before exhibited at BDAC, and must either show work intended for the exhibit or be a fair representation of work to be completed. Professional-quality images are encouraged. If you have technological issues please contact us to make appropriate arrangements. 

*BDAC allows submissions including art older than two years in the case of a retrospective or exhibit of art by a deceased artist.



Individual artists may submit up to ten (10) photos of work, including details.



Applicants proposing exhibitions of two or more artists may submit up to fifteen (15) photos of work, including details.



A statement of up to 500 words relating to the submitted work is required. This may include topics such as the artist's purpose or concept, materials, process, subject matter, as well as artists, theories, and discourse that influence the work.



Please logistically and physically describe the intended exhibition. Indicate whether work submitted will be in the exhibition or if it represents the type of work to be exhibited. Explain physical, spatial, and technological needs. Artists should plan to provide their own special equipment such as monitors. Artists are not guaranteed to be placed in their requested area, but it helps the committee plan. 400 words or fewer.



In a single PDF file submit a biography and/or CV or resume for each artist applying. Limit biographies to 200 words or fewer.

*Tip: InDesign or Word can export files as PDFs.



Selected artists will be notified by October 2021. At that time artists will be informed of the dates of their exhibition, generally 4-6 weeks in duration.  Please let us know if there are dates in 2022 in which the applicant CANNOT exhibit.



Art should arrive at BDAC ready to hang or install. D-rings and wire are preferred for wall art. Please arrange to bring art into the gallery without requiring assistance from BDAC staff. If art has special installation needs the artist or a representative may install the work or should make prior installation arrangements with BDAC. Unfortunately BDAC did not receive grants to cover shipping costs for 2021.  Please plan to cover all costs of delivering art to BDAC and costs of return.


PLEASE NOTE: Submitted work which differs markedly from the photo entries may be disqualified. Physical samples of work in-person will not be accepted. Work displayed previously at BDAC will not be accepted.  Art must be original; reproductions and giclées will not be accepted. BDAC reserves the right at any time to decline to display any art that is damaged, unprepared for installation, excessively fragile, dangerous, or which fails to meet our standards of quality.  All exhibited art is protected by insurance while under the care of BDAC.  Exhibited art may be listed for sale.  Commission is 80% to the artist 20% to BDAC.



BDAC floorplan and photos available here:

We have a new 12'x15' gallery upstairs near the entry. This space is capable of displaying art on the walls or floor and will have blackout curtains and a projector for film and new media work.


Bountiful Davis Art Center

90 N Main Street

Bountiful, UT 84010



The Utah Division of Arts and Museums recognizes Bountiful Davis Art Center as a 501c3 non-profit museum.

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