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Past Artists-in-Residence:

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2022-2023 BDAC Test Site




Aimee Odum is an artist, educator, and curator. She received her MFA in Ceramics from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and recently organized The Space Itself, an independent exhibition at The Boiler in Brooklyn, NY. She has been invited to speak about her work at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Virginia Commonwealth University and has held multiple, concurrent Academic and Community teaching appointments in the NYC area. She was awarded Sturgis International Fellowship in 2015 and invited to the DNA Summer Residency in 2017 to support studio research. Odum has exhibited nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions at Arts + Leisure Gallery (New York, NY) and Random Access Space, Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY); as well as two-person exhibitions at GRIN, (Providence, RI); Elijah Wheat Showroom (Brooklyn, NY); Satellite Art Show (Miami, Florida); and Hectoliter, (Brussels, Belgium).

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2022-2023 BDAC Test Site




Jeffery Hampshire, a Utah-based artist was born and raised in Sandy, Utah, where he still works today. He was first introduced to art through an after-school program called Visual Arts Institute or VAI for short, located in Salt Lake where he works as an art instructor. He recently graduated with a BFA from Brigham Young University in April of 2021. Hampshire has been involved with many group collaborations, some of which have shown at BYU, U of U, personal venues, and other locations within Utah. His most recent work deals with his heritage and memory of the place. He is interested in exploring his roots, to appreciate his influences, and to better recognize how he can have an impact on his community. His work will reference home, neighborhoods, and community as well as associated memory. He interacts with themes of place and memory, frequently using VR and AR programs like google earth. Often his process includes documenting experiences in both physical and virtual venues then translating those experiences into sculpture and prints creating objects that reference a location or time.


2022-2023 BDAC Test Site

Junior Artist-in-Residence 


Tray Streeter is a Syracuse-based Artist who loves to paint portraits. They have been doing art for their entire life and their favorite medium is oil paints. They take most of their inspiration from classic horror films, rock music, old masters and comic books. When they are not painting, they are often found video editing, writing or reading. In the future they hope to share their love for art by teaching it to others. 

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