Music Teacher Membership

A $25 Membership is required to reserve the Lenora Ford Brown Recital Stage. Members may not reserve the space for nonmembers. Membership must be current to reserve the hall. Music Teacher’s Membership must also be current at the time of the recital.

A completed request form and payment must be submitted to secure your recital date and time. 


Reservations Blocks

BDAC will reserve the hall in two hour blocks. This time includes set up, rehearsal, recital, and clean up. Students may not arrive early to practice. If patrons are not out of the space by the end of the allotted time BDAC will automatically charge for additional time. Failure to pay for additional time will result in loss of privilege to use the recital space.



Vouchers must be used within a year of receiving the voucher or by the date posted on the voucher. See details listed on the vouchers for more information.  



A $25 service charge is assessed for returned checks. Membership fees are not refundable. A $10 fee may be accessed to change the date of recitals. A $40 cleaning fee may be accessed if the recital hall is not left in a clean condition.  Additional time block will automatically be billed for if patrons do not leave the space by the end of their contracted time.  


Holidays and Dates the Art Center is Closed

BDAC recognizes all state and federal holidays. BDAC is closed on Sundays. Private recitals will not be held on any day that BDAC is closed for Holidays or in-between exhibits.


Food and Use of the Board Room

BDAC provides a space that members can rent to use for refreshments. No food or drink is allowed in the gallery. Refreshments may be enjoyed in the board room or in the Foyer. Starting January 01, 2019 tables may no longer be used in the gallery for food gift items. The board room will need to be added to the contract. 


Recital Cancellations

BDAC will not issue refunds for cancellations within 30 days of the scheduled recital date. Recitals cancelled within 31 plus days will be accessed a $20 charge. BDAC reserves the right to cancel recitals. If BDAC cancels a recital for reasons or conditions beyond our control will be rescheduled when possible.


Item Storage 

BDAC will not permit objects to be stored in the building for recitals. This includes but is not limited to equipment, programs, refreshments, serviceware, and special props. BDAC is not liable for items left in the building.


Guest Safety

Children need to be supervised by an adult when in the gallery. Objects in the gallery can be heavy and could result in injury if tampered with.


Art Damage

Music Teachers will be responsible for damage to any works of art that occur during the recital.  


Only persons authorized by BDAC or Staff members may move any Piano. BDAC owns three pianos, a New York Steinway Model B, high polish 7’ Standard Grand, a New York Steinway Model M, matte finish and a CUP2A Kuzweil electric keyboard.


Piano Damage

By using the recital hall, the music teacher agrees to accept responsibility for any damage that occurs to the pianos in use.  

Photography/Video Policy

BDAC retains the right to photograph any class, work, student or event and reproduce the images at its discretion without incurring obligations.

Filming and Photography

If patrons decide to film in the space artist work and BDAC must be credited. This can be as simple as "Filmed at Bountiful Davis Art Center on the Lenora Ford Brown Recital Stage. Artwork displayed on stage by Artist Oonju Chun" Professional filming must also credit the artwork filmed and BDAC in post credits

Community Standards Statement Regarding Exhibits

Bountiful Davis Art Center reserves the right to refuse a submitted work of art for exhibition or refuse to collect any work of art it believes does not uphold community values. When necessary, the Board of trustees, in consultation with the Executive Director, may determine if a work is broadly offensive or inappropriate. Additionally, BDAC believes that there is beauty in the undraped human figure when tastefully depicted through art. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, BDAC does not involve itself in political or religious dialogue or present sides in these areas. However, BDAC honors the right of individual artists to tell their stories or express themselves about these topics through their artwork.

Bountiful Davis Art Center is committed to the safety and well-being of visitors and staff entering the facility. BDAC will follow recommendations from state and county public health officials in order to promote a practice of "safety first." This includes facility closures, frequent sanitizing, physical distancing, and requiring visitors and staff to wear personal protective equipment. BDAC will fully refund deposits and balances paid toward facility rentals if events are cancelled due to public health concerns or government-enforced guidelines. Events will be allowed to reschedule or change dates at no additional cost if the event is directly affected by an outbreak. BDAC is unable to refund membership fees.

Failure to adhere to listed policies will result in the loss of privilege to use the recital hall. 

Please be sure to read our tips for a great recital! 

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