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EXHIBIT ON VIEW:  NOV 16 - DEC 21, 2018


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An exhibition of contemporary winter paintings, curated by Nancy Andruk Olson.

Nancy Andruk Olson
Katrina M. Berg
Annie Kershisnik Blake
Megan Hayes
Greg Newbold
Candace Rideout

"While not widely acknowledged today, Claude Monet was well-known during his lifetime as a snow painter. He, along with a handful of other impressionists with strong constitutions, were dedicated to painting en plein air --whatever the weather. As a result, there is an entire body of work from impressionist painters depicting winter scenes. At the time, these works were known as effets de niege. The complexity that snow adds to the landscape, forced these painters to focus on specific aspects of the environment not present during more hospitable times of the year. The subtlety of the color & light, and the character of the air, were artistic challenges on which these artists focused. Living in Utah, we are all intimately acquainted with the nuances that snow brings to the landscape. With this exhibit, we would like to focus on revisiting the same challenges that the impressionists faced, with a contemporary viewpoint. How do we today, consider the light, color, thinness of the air and the blanket white that snow presents? Let us take up this challenge and see how we communicate a similar experience in a contemporary visual language."


 - Nancy Andruk Olson

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