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EXHIBIT ON VIEW:  JAN 11 - FEB 15, 2019


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"When we dream, we remember bits and pieces of the places our mind takes us to while we sleep. We slip into other worlds in-between dimensions and time, blurring the boundaries between reality, fantasy, and waking memory. There are dreams that are sharp and stick in our memories for years after we have had them. There are also dreams that fade as we recall them over time and dreams that fade the instant we wake up, like water slipping between the cracks in your cupped hands. Dreams are linked to memory and reflect a duality between conscious and unconscious, holding significance and emotional reactions as prominent as events in our waking hours.


Dreams are a phenomenon each person experiences and have an understanding of that extends across borders, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and cultures. Indigenous societies across the world use string games as forms of oral tradition, passing down histories, stories, and explanations for the world around them. Through this perspective, our dreams are our personal narratives that connect us as human beings and living beings together. Sharing fragments of our dreams is a way to tell our stories and delve into the depths of what makes us human."

- Sarah May

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