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EXHIBIT ON VIEW:  NOV 16 - DEC 21, 2018


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Pablo Cruz Ayala won Best of Show in BDAC's 2018 Davis School District Exhibition.

See what BDAC's Junior Artist-In-Residence, Pablo Cruz Ayala created during his stay in our TEST SITE studio.  Each summer BDAC provides an outstanding high school art student free use of the TEST SITE studio and our facility to develop their art.

"Painting become an outlet for me to express myself in situations where I myself felt I couldn’t express myself any other way. From familial matters to person emotions, art felt like the most telling of these feelings. For the past year I had pushed myself into intensive art studies that made it possible to be able to capture more realistic emotions and settings that otherwise could never have seen the light of day. I'm hoping to further my artistic journey to further benefit myself in the field of art. [I want to be] example to my younger sister to further her ambitions and to help her to work hard to succeed. I would also like to further experiment and learn more formal qualities of painting and other mediums in college in more formal settings, that when I was beginning in art I did not have access to. I am so grateful from all the support and aid I have received from not only my family but teachers and most respectively Sunny Magee who encouraged and pushed me further than ever before, and for these driving forces led me to where I am in art now."  - Pablo Cruz Ayala