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Celebrating the poetry of the air.

Musicfest features the highest caliber local and regional musicians, performing a wide variety of music genres, including classical, jazz, folk, and traditional music from cultures worldwide. Each concert is eclectic, engaging, and fulfilling while providing our patrons access to concerts that enhance our community and enrich our local arts and music cultural scene.

Concerts happen quarterly. Each concert is one hour, a perfect length for a night out with friends and family. Maybe you can enjoy an ice cream at Blacksmith's after the concert!


To keep these events accessible to everyone within our community, we are looking to our community to help fund these events. If you enjoy quality live shows and would like to help support these efforts, please consider donating. Every dollar helps.

Musicfest 2022 Schedule

July 14 - Hot House West

October 06 - Voice of the Reed

Voice of the Reed

Join us for this swingin' summer concert where Musicfest will feature the acclaimed American jazz band Hot House West!

July 14, 2022 7:30pm, $15  


Hot House West

Get ready for sheer delight, for here is happy music. When Hot House West begin to play, they unleash an impressive kinetic force, with pulsating, driving arrangements, the controlled fury of collective improvisation, and a spirit which no other band can match. This hard-hitting and straight-forward swing band have won over countless fans with their provocative and action-filled style of American jazz.

The nice thing about Hot House West is that they play for people, and when they play for people, they make no compromise in their art. Jazz fans, dance fans, old fans, and young fans alike enjoy their consistently thrilling music, for their charm is universal. Everywhere the band goes, feet tap, smiles broaden, glasses are emptied, and everybody is happy – patrons, bar tenders, waiters, club owners, everybody. 

Hot House West have carved out of the vast, unrefined ore of jazz performance an incisive style, a unique personality, and a musical delicacy that seemed all but lost forever. If the test of greatness lies in taking the best elements of style and content, synthesizing them and creating an individual mode of expression, Hot House West have certainly met this test.

Support Musicfest

Help us keep Musicfest alive and thriving through donations or sponsorship! Your donations not only support the life of this series, but are also directly supporting and celebrating our amazing local musicians.

Past Musicfest Performances:

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