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Brooke Bowen & Mya Cluff

On view:

November 11 - December 23

Reception: Friday November 11, 2022 6:00-8:00 PM 

To live through a global pandemic is never planned ahead. Artists across the globe made dramatic transformations in the way they created and expressed themselves. Artists who were also primary caregivers of their children found their experiences to be unkempt, complicated, and multifaceted. For many of them it was like floating in the ocean, constantly oscillating up and down, with no clear direction and constantly going further away from where one wants to go. There were moments when the seemingly simple relationships a Parent expects with their children shifted and blurred as the time lacked for an artist-parent to find oneself. The ephemeral nature of each moment seemed dreamlike in the beginning, but left only chaos and murk as time continued.

Brooke Bowen (b. 1987, Edmonds, United States), and Mother of four, is a painter and illustrator who lives and works in Mapleton, Utah. They are inspired by the visual artist period of mid to late medieval secular work because it is a period where there is a pre-emergence of personal expression beyond religious work. This in combination with the decorative arts allows them to see patterns in the world around them, leading to unique settings for her figurative work.


Mya Cluff (b. 1994, Salem Or, United States), and Mother of two, is a sculptor and ceramicist who lives and works in Belgrade, Montana. Their work is inspired by many women artists, bringing their desire of artistic communication to her current ceramics. Combining the ephemerality of Kiki Smith, the emotion of Kathe Kollowitz, and the figurative quality of Christina Cordova, Mya Cluff has found her own voice through physical representation.


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