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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, August 2 – 5
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Ages 5–12
Instructor: Nancy Andruk Olson 
Frida Still Life Collages: Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was self-taught, and she painted about her life. Students will learn about her life and her work. Then they will create a still life using oil pastels for the background and cut their own still life fruit from construction paper.  
Monet Tempera Paint Landscape: Known for his garden, Monet painted vibrant landscapes.  Students will read a book together about his life and then look at some of his paintings. Then they will create a 12- by 18-inch landscapes using tempera paint and some of the techniques that he used
Georgia O'Keeffe Watercolor Flowers: Georgia Okeefe is perhaps America’s best-known female artist and is celebrated for her minimalist paintings derived from southwest imagery.  Students will use watercolors and oil pastel to paint one of her memorable flowers.
Joseph Cornell Assemblages: One of America's most unique artists, Joseph Cornell is known for the mystical shadow boxes he created.  Students will have a chance to do the same with found objects and a small box to make their own unique world.
All materials are provided.

Art Camp with Nancy Andruk Olson, Ages 5-12

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