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Tuesday, June 29th

10:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Bring a sack lunch to eat during the break.

Ages 12+


Instructor: Josephine Munro


Join us for a concise and informative journey through illustration concepts, techniques, and practices! We will spend the day exploring different uses of line, shape, color, composition, and many other concepts! By the end of the workshop day, students will be able to:


  • Brainstorm and mindmap a unique and individual illustrated concept.
  • Use positive and negative shapes to highlight an emphasis.
  • Utilize leading lines and other compositional tools to encase their emphasis and maintain interest and focus from the viewer.
  • Learn and practice many different types of lines, including calligraphic, implied, and learn and practice using various mark-making tools and techniques.
  • Use repetition, unity, and balance in their composition to create a unified final illustration!


See supply list for materials.

Illustration Camp with Josephine Munro, Ages 12+

    • Heavy drawing paper (Bristol pad 11x 14) – OR – toned paper sketchbook or paper... (I love using toned/gray paper)
    • Sketchbook/blank paper/scratch paper for planning, brainstorming, and notes
    • H pencil
    • B pencil
    • Kneaded and pink erasers
    • Ruler
    • Drawing pens (I swear by Prismacolor drawing pens in different widths, but Microns, or any other fine liner drawing pens work well too)
    • Colored pencils (again, a Prismacolor loyalist recommends those!)
    • White gel pen (optional)
    • Gold pen/marker (optional)
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