March 3rd to April 7th


4PM-6PM(Mountain Standard Time)

Ages 14+



Instructor is Marian Pham


In this online class, we will learn how to apply a variety of painting techniques to create natural world imagery. I will demonstrate in oils, however, these methods can be adapted to acrylics, watercolor, or gouache.  

We will spend the first four weeks on one aspect of the natural landscape per week, including trees, clouds, rocks, and waves. The last two weeks of class will be spent putting them all together in a river, lake, seascape, or cloudscape painting.

This class is recommended for artists with some experience in painting.


Please see supply list for required materials

A Zoom link will be sent via email the day before class begins. Please have your microphone muted unless you have a question or comment.

Intermediate Landscape Painting with Marian Pham- Ages 14+

  • Please use professional grade paints. I use the brand M. Graham, Blockx, or Schmincke Norma.

    If you’re acquiring a new set of paints, please stick with a limited palette to be cost effective.

    Limited Palette:
    Titanium White
    Ultramarine Blue
    Cadmium Red Light (or Cadmium Red Light Hue if you're concerned about avoiding cadmiums)
    Yellow Ochre
    Ivory Black

    you may use other colors if you have them.

    For the first four weeks of class, I would recommend using practice canvas sheets or Arches oil paper, since you’ll be making studies. Save your good quality canvas for final paintings.

    For the final paintings during the last two weeks of class, you may use whatever your preferred panel, or stretched canvas brand is, though I recommend using good quality substrates. No smaller than 9x12, no bigger than 16x20.

    Can be a variety of flats, filberts, and rounds. Bristles, synthetics, and natural hairs are all suitable. My personal favorite are brushes from Rosemary and Co with long handles. I also use palette knives in my landscape painting.

    Sketchbook for notes.
    kneaded eraser
    paint thinner (for oil painting)
    shop towels/rags
    glass palette

    Where to purchase:

    Dick Blick’s
    Jerry’s Artarama
    Cheap Joe’s

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