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January 12th -February 2nd 

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM


Ages 12+


Instructor: Jo Munro


This course will provide the beginner, those with basic skills or those returning to painting after time away with a solid foundation to the fundamentals of painting with acrylics including: brushes, paints, color theory, tips and techniques, composition, etc. Each student will receive one-on-one guidance throughout. Students can choose to follow the course curriculum, or explore their own imagery at any point. You can do a combination of both, perhaps following the curriculum until you feel confident to go on your own. It’s important you remain realistic about the scope of the projects you choose, so that you are not discouraged while you are learning. Learning to paint well takes time.


Please see supply list for required materials

Intro to Acrylic Painting with Jo Munro- Ages 12+

  • If it is not possible for you to acquire all these items, DON’T stress too much!!! (I always have some you can borrow) If you go to Michael’s DON’T forget to look up their coupons on their website.  Dick Blick on 2100 S. also has occasional coupons on their website.  Blick is more expensive, but higher quality materials are available. I will make a list of pretty bare essentials, and then a “more options” list if you can.

    Absolutely all you really need for Acrylic class is:

    -H pencil

    -B Pencil

    -4B Pencil

    -1 Rubber Eraser (kneaded is fine)

    -Cup for water

    -Roll paper towels or box of tissues

    -Small spray bottle for water (a pump one used for light misting is ideal, grab an old pump spray around the house, or you can buy them pretty much anywhere)

    -Palette (You can use paper plates, or a “marker board”, or piece of masonite (I love them as huge as possible, but any size you are comfortable with!)

    -4 Canvases or birch wood panels of any size you want to paint *you can also buy wooden panels, I love them because they are smooth to paint on, and have a nice weight!

    -Photos of a LANDSCAPE (of your choosing) can be nature, urban, or your backyard BUT make sure there are LAYERS OF DEPTH (foreground, middle ground, and background). I will talk about composition on the first day so if you want to wait and explore that, you can always pick your photo after the first day.

    -Roll of Saran wrap or plastic wrap.

    -ACRYLIC PAINTS you will need: (avoid tempra or oils!)

    (I will write the specific hues we will use, but if you just want to print out your coupon at Micheal’s and buy a set, it may be more cost effective)


    I love the BLICK student brand myself:

    The HUES:

    Cadmium Red

    Alizeran Crimson

    Ultramarine Blue

    Cobalt Blue

    Cadmium Yellow

    Yellow Ochre

    Pthalo Green

    Dioxazine Purple

    Titanium White

    Ivory Black


    BRUSHES:  I recommend synthetic sable (not the hay-like bristly ones, yuck!) But they don’t have to be full sable either

    -1/2 inch Flat

    -2 inch large flat brush for grounding

    -#2 Liner

    -A set will do fine as well

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