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In every piece of art I create, I uncover another piece of my story. I am fascinated by the mystery of the connection between the past, present and future, animate and inanimate, gender expressions and nonconformity, humanity and the other. In there lies the connection between myself and creation. This exploration pushes me to make the choices I make in my process, from the first open strokes of oil paint to the classic, polished finish I strive to achieve through layer after delicate layer of gently glazed paint over surface. The power of language to solidify intentions creates a caution in me to not over-define, and therefore constrain, my current understanding of my life’s work.

My subject matter includes an ever evolving myriad of surreal characters, symbolic narratives and abstract flowing imagery rooted in the subconscious. My process begins organically, gestural and free form. My paintings resolve in an academic Western tradition while reaching to bridge the gap between this training and the artistic traditions of other cultures. From youth, I have had a keen interest in art history. My obsession with the masters from around the globe is balanced by a love of pop culture, animation, comic books, graffiti, hip hop and punk rock.


Recently, what started as sketching, free form drawing and free compositional mockups, has developed into a repetitive, simple box format which allows for simple formal variations on a theme. Examples can be found throughout human history: glyphs, pictographs, alphabets, altars, etc. They are found more recently in comic books, photography, cinema, branding and digital content such as memes and apps. There is almost limitless potential for their application across a variety of platforms. In addition to paintings, drawings and print media, I am exploring how this format can be applied to 3-D sculpture, animation, interactive creative apps and more. My art continues to create me as much as I create it, carving an ever-winding pathway from each chapter to the next. I am excited to see where my path leads in the future and I hope you are, too.


Artist Bio: Sri Whipple is an American visual artist, born in Los Angeles and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his education from the University of Utah, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2000. He is currently based in Salt Lake City, with his wife and ten year old twins. Sri is recognized for his distinctive style, be it painting, drawing, silkscreen printing or mural work. He is well versed in virtually any medium, but his true love is oil paint. From youth Sri has had a keen interest in art history. His obsession with the masters from around the globe is balanced by a love of pop culture, animation, comic books, graffiti, hip hop and punk rock.


Sri Whipple


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