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EXHIBIT ON VIEW:  JAN 11 - FEB 15, 2019


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"As a young girl, I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous backyard; the lawn was covered with old trees, overgrown vines, and shrubs. There was an over-sized bush, and if you knew where to look near the base there was a small opening just big enough for a child to fit through. It lead into a cave created by all the branches and their thorns. There I found solace and comfort under my shelter created by boughs, regardless of the scrapes and scratches I would receive from the thorns and twigs.


"My installation is about my observations and discoveries related to grief. The exhibit is separated into sections: The Question, The Observation, and Seeking Advice.


"The Question: Grief begins with an initial shock. A constant storm. An overwhelming uncertainty of how to move forward.


"The Observation: Collections of quotes and phrases gathered and presented as a large bouquet of umbrellas. The dome shape is a stylized representation of the sanctuary I found under the bramble bush of my childhood.


"The phrases do not belong to me. They were slowly collected from conversations and over-heard comments. An accumulation of examples of how others combat their overwhelming uncertainty that accompanies grief.


"Umbrellas, flimsy compared to permanent structures, offer instant temporary relief. They create a portable short-lived shelter against the elements larger and greater then themselves.


"Seeking Advice: A chance for the viewers to donate personal advice or experiences related to coping with grief."

- Lara McAllister

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