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Bountiful Davis Art Center is requesting proposals to design the exterior of the planter box in front of the Art Center, located on the corner of Main Street and 100 North in Bountiful, Utah.

The mission of Bountiful Davis Art Center (BDAC) is to engage the community through quality artistic and cultural programs, provide educational experiences and encourage the growth and expression of art.

The Bountiful Davis Art Center serves the community in a multitude of ways through programs supporting and promoting the arts. BDAC categorizes its offerings under four programs: 1) Exhibitions, 2) Summerfest International Art and Folk Festival, 3) Education, and 4) Music. 

Services provided by these programs include, but are not limited to: 

1) Quality visual art exhibitions featuring Utah's premier artists and offered free to the public. These exhibitions are displayed in the art center's Main Gallery, Annex Gallery, and Underground Gallery, and also off-site at the Centerpoint Legacy Theater in Centerville and at Woods Cross City Hall. 

2) Classes and workshops wherein students of all ages learn about art and master techniques from some of the area's finest art teachers, who receive a commission from the tuition collected. BDAC also offers several free classes and workshops throughout the year. 

3) A popular monthly family art event called Family Art Night wherein children and adults work together to learn about art and create art projects together. 

4) The Jean Madsen Children's Center, located within the Art Center, geared specifically toward empowering children to explore and create art. Access to the center is free and available for walk-ins during all hours the art center is open. 

5) The Lenora Ford Brown Recital Stage, providing a beautiful in-gallery venue as an affordable option for student recitals as well as concerts for both professional and amateur musicians. BDAC also allows for free use of the stage for theater productions performed by special-needs young adults, and music class/sing-along events for the public, specifically serving the elderly in the community. 

6) The annual Bountiful Davis Summerfest Art and Folk Festival, featuring performers from across the globe, local musicians, exhibits from fine visual artists, ethnic food booths, traditional arts demonstrations, and a Children's Art Yard. 2017 marks the 30th year of this large, fun, and educational festival.


Bountiful Davis Art Center occupies the southeast corner of Main Street and 100 North in Bountiful. The building wraps around the corner and extends east on 100 North. 

There is a city-owned planter box in front of the main entrance about 5 feet in front of the door that is also on the property. 


The selection committee will collaborate with an artist or artists to develop an installation that reflects the important role the BDAC plays in creating a community focused environment for people to engage with art. For context, the artist might want to consider that the Bountiful Davis Art Center has been around for more than 40 years and serves as a community gathering space where music, visual arts, arts education, and other artistic disciplines come 
together in one space. 

Although the space is open and welcoming to anyone visiting the downtown Bountiful area, the board and staff at BDAC would like to create a more welcoming atmosphere for the art center using the outdoor space and to specifically call attention to the fact that it is an art gallery.


$1,000 has been allocated for this project. These funds are intended to cover all the costs associated with the artist’s public art commission(s) including, but not limited to; travel, installation and related expenses.


Eligibility is limited to artists / artist teams that currently reside in Utah. Artists currently residing in Bountiful and/or Davis County are strongly encouraged to apply.


Interested artists may submit applications online or via hardcopy: USB drives, CD, DVD. The deadline is the same for both methods and is not a postmark deadline. Please do not include supplemental materials beyond the requirements listed below. All applicants must include the following:

Email submissions
Please send proposals to:

Hardcopy submissions
A PC compatible USB drive, CD, or DVD labeled with applicant’s name containing these materials:

• A letter of interest of not more than three pages in pdf format. This letter should include the artist’s reasons for interest in this project in particular. In doing so, the artist should also describe how his/her work and/or experience related to the project.

The planter box is 9'6" long x 2' high x 4' deep. It is made out of cement. 

• It is required that the word "GALLERY" be incorporated on the front of the planter box. Other than that the artist is free to explore any medium and presentation. The planting area could also be used. 

• A detailed rendering of the project idea must be submitted 

• It is strongly encouraged that the artist/artist team incorporate ways that volunteers could help with the installation of the art.

The planter box project will be part of a larger project to create signage, lighting and art on the building.

If the artist wishes the material to be returned, an addressed and stamped envelope of ample size and postage for return of the flash/thumb drive should be included. Material that is not accompanied by a stamped envelope cannot be returned. 

Bountiful Davis Art Center will not be responsible for applications delayed or lost in transit. While all reasonable care will be taken in the handling of materials, Bountiful Davis Art Center will be liable for late, lost or damaged materials or electronic files. Faxed or e-mailed applications cannot be accepted. 

The Bountiful Davis Art Center Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold the award of a commission or re-release the call for entries.


Complete application packages must be RECEIVED on or before 
August 15, 2017 by 5:00 PM MDT (THIS IS NOT A POSTMARK DEADLINE)
If applying via hardcopy method, applications may be sent by mail, courier, hand delivered, or express delivered to:

Bountiful Davis Art Center
Attn: Emma Dugal
90 N Main Street
Bountiful, UT 84010


August 15, 2017 Deadline for proposals
August 25, 2017 Committee reviews applications
August 30, 2017 Artists notified
September 30, 2017 Project completion


Emma Dugal Executive Director, BDAC
Joe Johnson Chair, BDAC Board of Trustees
Randy Benson BDAC Board of Trustees
David Wicai BDAC Board of Trustees
Heather Smith BDAC Board of Trustees
Jon Bouwhuis BDAC Board of Trustees
LeNore Bouwhuis BDAC Board of Trustees
John Pitt Bountiful City Council Member
Alysa Revell BDAC Staff
Cara Krebs BDAC Staff

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