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Amanda Porter

On view:

May 13 - July 16

Reception: Friday May 13, 2022 6:00-8:00 PM 

Abstract Landscapes: Deserts of the American West is a different look at what elements
make up the desert landscape. Desert environments are often overlooked and underrated but the stories they tell are ones we need to hear. I love drawing attention to the details of the desert because it is a resilient landscape that speaks of hope and perseverance. There is beauty in the unexpected places, in the invisible and in the harsh, seemingly desolate desert atmosphere.

The colors and textures of the various materials that make up the desert speak to me – be
it cloud, rock, sand, or salt. I find beauty in the cracked dirt waiting patiently for the next rain, in the shadows of rocks that stand like ancient sundials marking the passage of time and the exposed mountain faces persevering year after year.

My art explores different themes of landscape and place, time and memory, change and transition whatever medium I use. Sometimes that is capturing sun and wind at work in a cyanotype made from natural objects on site or bringing to life the lines and shapes made by form and shadow in acrylic paint. The images I create, though often abstract, are still grounded in a real time and place, connected to desert landscapes found across New Mexico and Utah.


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