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The Bountiful Davis Art Center's Statewide Annual is a competitive exhibition celebrating the diverse artistic talents within Utah. This event serves as a vital platform for early and later career artists, providing significant exposure and opportunities for professional growth within the vibrant Utah arts community.


This exhibition showcases a wide array of artistic disciplines, from traditional paintings and sculptures to innovative installations and new media works. Each year the BDAC selects a guest juror to curate the exhibition and award the three strongest pieces.


We are pleased to welcome Joseph Ostraff as our 2024 juror.


Joseph was born in Santa Monica, California, spent his formative years in Laguna Beach, and now resides in Fairview, Utah, with his family. He holds an MFA from the University of Washington and currently serves as art department chair and professor of art at Brigham Young University. Joseph maintains a rigorous painting studio practice, complemented through partnerships and collaboration. His primary collaborator is his wife, Melinda, with whom he shares a studio. Melinda, who earned her PhD from the University of Victoria, BC, with a focus on Ethnobotany, has seamlessly integrated her expertise with Joseph's, resulting in a unique practice centered around the intersection of human geography and nature. Recently, Melinda and Joseph were featured on season one of the KBYU Artful Series. Joseph is a three-time recipient of the Utah Artist Fellowship, as well as a recipient of the Ballinglen Artist Fellowship in Ballycastle, Co Mayo, Ireland. Joseph has exhibited extensively in national and international venues.

Visit Joseph's Website -


Margaret Abramshe

Julie Berry

Brandi Chase

Lee Cowan

Pablo Cruz-Ayala

Trevor Dahl

Olivia Dawson

Marsha Dennis

Downy Doxey-Marshall

Amber Egbert

Jillian Elder

Thomas Embley

Darryl Erdmann

Nolan Flynn

Kathleen Gardner

Cara Jean Hall

Shauna Hart

Jack Hattaway

Emily Hawkins

Kara Hurst

Jared Jakins

Rebecca P Johnson

Abraham Kimball

Lenka Konopasek

Brian Krause

Janessa Lewis

Ron Linn

Christopher Lynn

Michael Manfall

Trish Melander

Kylie Millward

Don Miskin

Nuha Mortez

Stephanie Muro

Sara Neal

Ruth Nichols

Bart Nielsen

Sylvia O’Hara

Bryce Olsen

Nancy Olson

Contessa Ott

Lena Phillips

Amanda Porter

Kayla Rich

Cindy Roberts

Duke Rogers

Halee Roth

James Talbot

Travis Tanner

Eugene Tapahe

Adam Thomas

Jordan Turner

Tamia Wardle

Rosanna Lynne Welter

Justin Wheatley

Camille Wheatley

Alix Wright


Welcome to our Statewide Annual Exhibition! Join our docent-led tour to explore selected artworks in depth, learning about the themes, techniques, and stories behind them. Engage in interactive discussions, discover the artists' backgrounds, and gain a richer appreciation for the cultural and historical contexts of the pieces. This immersive experience will leave you with a deeper connection to the art and a lasting curiosity for artistic exploration.

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