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Get to Know Your Local Art Center!


Our History

Standing in BDAC’s bright and spacious main gallery at 90 North Main Street, it’s hard to fathom how much this art center has developed since its inception more than 40 years ago. By the early 1970s, southern Davis County had matured from the sparsely populated small towns the pioneers and ranchers founded into a well-manicured, suburban haven still dotted with orchards and boasting friendly neighborhoods and good public schools. Therefore, in 1974, Bountiful City and the University of Utah collaborated to establish the Bountiful Davis Art Center to meet this flourishing community’s need for a local art center. The BDAC became a nonprofit organization in 1984. Three location moves later, in 2015, Bountiful City graciously remains the art center’s most significant supporter and enthusiastic champion, providing the beautiful facility that is now BDAC’s permanent home.

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Our Mission

BDAC’s Mission statement reads: To engage the community through quality artistic and cultural programs, provide educational experiences, and encourage the growth and expression of art. The art center achieves its mission via its unique programming and events including free-to-the-public art exhibitions featuring the finest artists in the state; professionally taught art and theater classes for children and adults; free Family Art Nights held monthly; affordable recital space featuring the only dual-piano stage in Davis County; and free musical concerts and events including the area’s largest folk arts festival, Summerfest International.


Community Engagement 

Following a long local tradition, BDAC Summerfest: Art + Culture Celebration engages the entire community in live performances, art demonstrations, food, and fun! This free weeknight event is held Monday nights in June at Bountiful Town Square. Visitors congregate on blankets and lawn chairs to view live music and dance from a variety of local groups, while children play on the park's splash pad and complete exciting new art projects each week. An array of food trucks and artist booths accompany the weekly festivities, making sure there is something for every visitor to enjoy. BDAC Summerfest promotes education, appreciation, and understanding of the many cultures across the Utah valley.

BDAC is having a positive economic as well as a cultural impact on Davis County. BDAC’s beautifully rehabilitated historic facility on Bountiful’s Main Street is a prime example of creative redevelopment in this downtown area. By drawing thousands of new visitors and adding an essential new anchor to its north end, the Art Center has helped restore Main Steet. In 2016, over 40,000 people from the county, state, and beyond visited the art center and participated in its events. These guests also frequent the area’s businesses and restaurants, spurring shopping and dining in the area and increasing interest in the delightful goods and services Main Street has to offer.


BDAC’s Community Standards

Bountiful Davis Art Center reserves the right to refuse a submitted work of art for exhibition or refuse to collect any piece of art it believes does not uphold community values. When necessary, the Board of trustees, in consultation with the Executive Director, may determine if a work is broadly offensive or inappropriate. Additionally, BDAC believes that there is beauty in the undraped human figure when tastefully depicted through art.


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, BDAC does not involve itself in political or religious dialogue or present sides in these areas. However, BDAC honors individual artists' right to tell their stories or express themselves about these topics through their artwork.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential to everyone at Bountiful Davis Art Center. BDAC is a safe space for marginalized communities, including people of color, indigenous, disabled, and the LGBTQIA+.


We acknowledge that a statement will not correct the issues marginalized groups face. However, BDAC will continue to engage in conversations about how we can constantly move forward and ensure that our community and world will be a better place. BDAC has united with companies and community groups across the state in the Utah Compact on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We encourage others to join us in this effort.


Equity: This means creating conditions and opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential. 


Diversity: The practice or quality of including or involving people from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and different genders, sexual orientations, etc.


Inclusion: The practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making all of this possible:

BDAC treasures the positive, decades-long relationship the art center has with Bountiful City. We appreciate the support, both past and present, of its mayors, city council members, and staff. 

BDAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which does not endorse candidates for public office.

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