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2024-2025 Call for Artists-In-Residence: 

Test Site Applications



The TEST SITE artist residency program allows the artist 24-hour access to a personal art studio space at BDAC. This residency is designed to encourage artists’ experimentation while working towards a solo exhibition in our Annex Gallery. Two artists are selected annually by an outside juror.

Test Site’s Emerging Artist Program provides a high-school student with 24-hour access to our studio during the summer. This summer residence program is awarded to a young artist selected from our Davis School District Exhibition each spring. 

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2024 BDAC Test Site

Teacher Summer Artist-in-Residence 



Jack sold out early and worked for the man. In late 2018, his counter-capitalism side reasserted a degree of dominance, and he resigned from the velvet shackles of a rather luxurious job. Jack rebooted his career to teach high school art, commercial and fine. He loves teaching. He thoroughly enjoys working with young people and helping them express their ideas visually.


In addition to reclaiming his life, Jack has returned to a consistent practice of making things for himself. Jack loves paper in all of its multifarious forms. Paper can become anything; it is potential made real. Frequently, he initially works in Adobe Illustrator, creating, compositing, and modifying vector artwork, before physically altering and merging a set of prints into a final work. In July of 2022, Jack started visually exploring his personal concerns related to dementia, how memory works, and the dissolution of self over time.


Jack resides in Bountiful, Utah with his wife, two children, and a dog. He neglected to read the fine print on the marriage paperwork after falling head over teakettle for a girl from Bountiful who smelled (and continues to smell) like home. He is contractually bound to remain – without an excess of duress.

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2023-2024 BDAC Test Site

Junior Summer Artist-in-Residence 


My name is Shaylee Anderson and I have been making art since fourth grade, about 8 years. I am passionate about creating art and about my friends and family. I have 3 siblings, 3 dogs and 3 fish. I am inspired by my friends, my art teachers, family, and the beautiful things in this world. My dream is to become an artist with 2 dogs and own a house. I look forward to continuing my art journey and seeing what life holds for me in the future. Being the next Junior Artist in Residence here is an honor and such an amazing opportunity.

When I started making the pieces "Daydreams" and "Nightmares," I didn’t have much pre-planning done. Both pieces were a result of me experimenting with new mediums and collage. I learned how to make handmade paper and also how to be loose with my art. As I continued making, I slowly made them a reflection of my life at the time. In "Daydreams" I thought a lot about my fish which was the main inspiration for it. My first angel fish was named Spike. He was alive for almost 4 years before he died. After that we kept getting more Spikes and called them Spike 2.0, Spike 3.0, and so on. We no longer have any angel fish so this piece is kind of a tribute to them. I miss Spike. In the piece "Nightmare" I was inspired by how I feel about standards, recently. As a senior in high school, everyone around me is watching to see what my next big step in life is going to be. Moving onto college and into my adulthood is a very beautiful thing, but it is also very scary and a little overwhelming. I think using eyes to represent that feeling was a good choice. Both pieces together tell a story of the good and the bad in life. For both pieces I wanted to have the viewer feel like they are in a different space--a new one that they’ve never been in. An escape from reality is nice to be in sometimes when life gets overwhelming. I love both pieces a lot. When I was done with them, my family asked me which piece is my favorite. I don’t know if I could tell you, but I can tell you that Spike was my favorite fish.

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