Test Site includes 24-hour access to a personal art studio space at BDAC. This residency is designed to encourage artists’ experimentation while working towards a solo exhibition in our Annex Gallery. Artists are selected annually by an outside juror.

Test Site’s Emerging Artist Program provides a high-school student with 24-hour access to our studio during the summer.

If you are interested in applying for the 2021 Artist-in-Residence, the deadline for applications is midnight on July 17th. Those selected for participation will be notified by July 21st.



2020 BDAC Test Site Artist-in-Residence 

Sarah May


Sarah’s artwork explores the intricacy of narrative through cyanotypes, film photography, poetic prose, and creating multimedia pieces such as retablo altars inspired by her Latinx culture and heritage. Her current work and exploration reflect her journey exploring and reclaiming her identity as an Indigenous Latina, a process cyclical, evolving, and intertwined with her healing and decolonizing perspective.

2020 BDAC Test Site Artist-in-Residence

Nakita Shelley


Nakita Shelley is an interdisciplinary artist whose recent works demonstrate a diverse display of media, including installation, sculpture, videography, printmaking, and performance. Her works include the use of her own body as a catalyst to deal with carefully crafted and researched themes and concepts of her upbringing in her Utah community and its intersections with religion, the Anthropocene, intersectional feminism, the human condition, and the controversial parts of the female body.

2020 BDAC Junior Test Site Artist-in-Residence

Sissa Zinahomi Khebou

Homi is a digital multimedia artist from Tunisia and Utah and a recent graduate of Viewmont High School. “When oceans collide, and ideas rise: there are no limitations in what artists can reach.”