Test Site includes 24-hour access to a personal art studio space at BDAC. This residency is designed to encourage artists’ experimentation while working towards a solo exhibition in our Annex Gallery. Artists are selected annually by an outside juror.

Test Site’s Emerging Artist Program provides a high-school student with 24-hour access to our studio during the summer.

Current Artists-in-Residence

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2021-2022 BDAC Test Site




Bea Hurd is a Salt Lake City-based Artist who graduated in 2021 from the University of Utah as a Sculpture Intermedia Major. She is a materially-based artist who allows the materials and objects she is working with to guide her in the meaning of the work she creates. She has shown work in Finch Lane Gallery, Nox Contemporary, Springville Museum of Art, Modern West, and the Salt Lake City Public Library.


2021-2022 BDAC Test Site




The objective of Pamela's work is to represent the human experience through the painting of the figure. Her style is a form of portraiture that represents life experiences and emotions that are real but are not visible to the physical eye. She seeks expression of that in life which is only felt. What goes on in the heart and mind is where the real transformations in life take place, and therein lies the place that She strives to give visual representation to, through the paintings. 

She attended BYU where she graduated in 2001, with a BFA. She currently resides in Utah, where she and her (also) artist husband, are raising six children.


2021-2022 BDAC Test Site

Junior Artist-in-Residence 


I was born and raised in Kaysville, Utah. I love sports, traveling, my friends and family, and a good book. I am adventurous and love to try new things. When I’m not drawing, skiing or watching a movie, I am mountain biking or cooking. I lived with and helped take care of my grandparents in North Carolina for a year and a half, and I love the North Carolina beaches. My art is inspired by everything around me. I will be attending the U in the fall!