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Entropy's Child

On view:

September 25 - October 30


September 24 6 – 8 PM

Entropy’s Child is a project that explores the collaborative relationship between energy, entropy and creativity. Life and the universe offer humanity chaos. Chaos drives us to attempt to represent order through the creation of theoretical and physical systems. It is this interplay that inspires the evolving project of “Entropy's Child”.


The project began when the artist accidentally broke a large ceramic sculpture. Unexpectedly this event was accepted peacefully and even embraced. Brandon takes whole ceramic sculptures and breaks them into fragments. These “particles”  are then combined, reordered, and held together with urethane. Urethane is used to hold the parts together as well as being dripped over the new structures in a loosely controlled way. Breaking down, deconstructing, and then conserving the creative energy from previous projects became metaphorical to the laws of thermodynamics and the artist’s life experience of surviving severe mental illness.

Instagram: @brandonreedboulton

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