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States Of Change

On view:

September 25 - October 30


September 24 6 – 8 PM

Ya’el Pedroza’s work considers their relationship and experiences with the natural world in a spiritual yet also visceral way through the lens of our current geological era, the Anthropocene, an epoch that is defined by rapid changes to ecological systems and climate, largely from human impact. The beauty, strength, and complexities of nature are an inspiration as well as a major theme in their work.


Jane Christensen reflects on the creation of real and imagined space in relation to experiences of the sublime and uncanny. Melting flowers, fading leaves and gooey mosses form throughout her paintings as they are always in the process of solidifying, yet remain on the verge of falling apart.  


Together, Jane and Ya’el’s work meanders through a conversation seeking to find distilled moments within these complexities of changing environments. While everything may be in a constant flux, they each look for grounding and moments of shared wonder.

Instagram: @janejanec

Instagram: @yaelpedrozaart 

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