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Jon Morgan

On view:

January 13 - February 25

Reception: Friday January 13, 2023 6:00-8:00 PM 

THE ADVERSITY COLLECTION is dedicated to celebrating the unconquerable human spirit. Death, disease and suffering although part of the human condition, does not define us.  Rather, they provide an opportunity and choice.  To adapt and change.  To grow and improve.  And ultimately an opportunity to become our greatest self.


I believe that when art is successful it creates an emotional connection. There is so much good in the world that goes unnoticed. So many people who are a strength to me; so many stories that give me hope and help me be a better person. I try to embody those stories and ideas through sculpture so that they can be seen and felt by others. I learned early on in my sculpting career that art has a power to make us feel things that are hard to describe. My challenge is to make something interesting enough that they will not only appreciate it visually, but realize that there is something more going on with my pieces. Once that happens, a dialogue can begin where awareness and common ground can be explored.
I want my art to be more about what it makes someone feel. Sculpture that can be a conversation starter, sculpture that can bring people together, sculpture that is applicable to our times and our needs. I want it to be a conduit to better understanding. If it can make us question what we think we know is true, and open our minds to the possibility that there is always more we can learn, then I have accomplished something truly remarkable.
My process is all about creating art that connects emotionally with its viewer. I am passionate about finding the good around me and taking those ideas or feelings and representing them in physical form through bronze sculpture. I avoid references because I create my work solely through manipulating clay. There are 3 critical focuses that I use to define my style. 1. Movement. I create incredibly complicated armatures to support my design. This creates added expense to the molding and bronzing process, but allows me complete freedom to carry out my ideas. 2. I immediately want the viewer to realize there is more going on with the sculpture. It has to tell a story. Because the story is integral I include it, to offer perspective. 3. I hide things within the sculpture to create layering to what I'm trying to say. Something that only someone who takes the time to truly study will find. While I know that not all people can afford my art, all can share in the stories it tells.


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