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Jiyoun Lee-Lodge

On view:

November 13 - December 23

        "My kaleidoscopic paintings, drawings, printmaking, and installations deal with my identity in flux and the fragility of memory. I am interested in people and about how people process and change. Influenced by infographics, animations, and hieroglyphs, I make Inner portraits, made of symbols of senses- such as sight, smell, and hearing- that are frozen in time."  -Jiyoun Lee Lodge 

         Born in Seoul, South Korea, Lee-Lodge spent many years living and working in Queens, New York. With a focus on identity through memory reconstruction, Lee-Lodge’s artistic practice encompasses painting, drawing, printmaking and installations. She considers her work a type of portraiture, one that absorbs complex information and distills integrated concepts. Drawn to evolution and change, the core of her work is directly about people, though time and place have an incorporated importance.

        Waterman : Merging is part of an ongoing series by Lee-Lodge that explores displacement, anxiety, and isolation in relationship to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, Lee-Lodge, like countless others, has been mostly confined to her house, experiencing absolute solitude and loneliness in a space meant to provide comfort. Lee-Lodge explains, the “Pandemic made me acutely aware of ‘self’, or maybe the opposite… Many people build their own identity through their small screens in their own space via social media.” Her works draw on early 1980’s video game landscapes and color palettes and take influence from both Roy Lichtenstein’s bitmapping and flatness as well as Edward Hopper’s social isolation and existentialism. 


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