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Devour Digest Devote

On view:

August 7 – September 11


August 6, 6 – 8 PM

I have decided to paint my skin with Astroturf in order to no longer to see me.


I will here, and forever after,


be Turf.


I will feel firm plastic blades pressing


against skin, threatening puncture.


I allow,


I consent, to turf.


Use blade to drain me.


Astroturf makes exoskeleton of me.


I rid myself of the need for maintenance.


I am, here, and forever after,


Ladyhood hollowed.


I am a hydrophobic lawn.


Water me. Watch as it spills down thighs


and collects at the ground.


I am grass that never grows.


An absence of production.


I am green. Vivacious.


I am grass turned Siren.


I want you to lay on me.


Feel the rigidity of my body.


Feel the absence of authenticity.


I choose beauty simplified.


And absence.


I see green only in absence.


I find myself in stagnancy.


I am the Astroturf rug in the living room.


I am the irony.


Throw away mechanics and spread me.


I highlight the missing.


Paint me a greener hue.


Notice me.


I am a grass lawn


made plastic.

Artist Instagram: @beayond_art

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