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Art holds significant value beyond what is immediately visible, encouraging a deeper engagement with the works on display. Our 'Beyond the Surface' docent tours deep-dive  into contemporary art concepts and contexts. Learn why certain practices and concepts are celebrated, and understand the relevance of art in our modern context. Our Director of Exhibitions Bren Larson will guide you through selected pieces in the Statewide Annual Exhibition, revealing the deeper meanings and techniques behind selected works.


Tours are $5, Lunch time and evening options available.

What to Expect

Engaging Conversations:

Bren will lead a discussion on the significance of artists focusing on different areas, from those concerned primarily with technique to those working to convey an idea or concept. Visitors will engage in conversations about the themes and ideas presented in the artworks. Open-ended questions will encourage personal interpretations and deeper thinking.

Guided Discussion:

Initially guided by Bren, these discussions will foster a collaborative environment where participants can share their insights. The final piece will be a group-led discussion, facilitated by Bren to keep minds churning and ensure a rich exchange of ideas.


Ever wondered...

 "How is that art?"

We challenge you to look deeper, explore the meanings and reasoning behind each work, turning moments of confusion into "ah-ha!" revelations.

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