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Theresa Otteson

Theresa Otteson

Theresa has a passion for creating and teaching art. She worked at the Bountiful Davis Art Center for five years as the Education Coordinator, where she used her desire to teach people of all ages how to create and appreciate art. She Left the art center to work full time as a classical artist and teacher.

Theresa has exhibited her paintings in galleries around the United States in competitions, group, and solo exhibitions and has won various awards for her work. Her paintings are part of collections in Europe, Japan, and the United States, including the Farmington City Building in Utah, the Davis County Courthouse, The Eccles Art Center, Bountiful Davis Art Center, and Sears Art Museum.

"Anchora imparo,” meaning yet, I am learning a quote attributed to Michelango is a phrase that guides Theresa. She continues to research, study, and learn from master artists such as Tina Garrett. She also shares her passion for creating by teaching classes and workshops.

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