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Bountiful Davis Art Center is pleased to announce the 48th Annual BDAC Statewide Competition! The Annual Statewide Competition showcases the best recent art in all media by artists who have lived in Utah. Guest juror, Emily Larsen, will select artists to be exhibited and three winners for cash prizes. ​Entries will be accepted on the BDAC submittable page from March 24th, 2023 8:00 AM MST to April 21, 2023 11:59 PM MST.

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2023 Guest Juror: Emily Larsen (Emily Larsen Boothe) is a Utah based curator, museum professional, researcher, and collage artist. She currently serves as the Associate Director at the Springville Museum of Art, where she’s worked in a variety of positions since 2014. She is passionate about Utah's art history and loves working with local Utah artists. Her research and writing focuses on Utah artists and the Utah art scene c1880-1950. She has an M.A. in U.S History from the University of Utah.

As an artist, Emily combines found images, paint, and ink to create introspective and humorous mixed media collages. Working in layers and patterns, she builds up and deconstructs paint, paper, and texture to create visual narratives. You can find more information about her work here.

2023 Awarded Artists & Pieces: 

  • 1st Place - Mark England - White America

  • 2nd Place - Linda Bergstrom - Natrona no. 1

  • 3rd Place - Wren Ross - Spirit Trumpets and the Haruspice

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Maddison C. Colvin: Orchard I

  2. Laura Sharp Wilson: Golden Underbelly

  3. Kylie Millward: Domestic Remiss

  4. Mary Ann  Crabtree: Green Beans

  5. Kayla Rich: Last Ditch

  6. Cynthia Clark: Pair of Royals

  7. Andrew Rice: I LOVE SATURDAYS

  8. Linnie Brown: More of Less

2023 Accepted Artists & Pieces: 

  1. Pamela Beach: My Careful Restoration

  2. Jared Clark: 2 Cat Heads

  3. Jared Clark: Moo Moo I

  4. Richard Taylor: Only we, with out opposable thumbs, want heaven to be, and God to come, again. --Robert Bly

  5. Andrey Sledkov: Moroni

  6. Jamie Kyle: Secrets of the Bee Beard

  7. Trish Melander: Capital Reef

  8. Kayla Rich: Last Ditch

  9. Jill Saxton Smith: Inhale

  10. Ashley C Gull: Ex Nihilo: Creation Out of Nothing

  11. Maddison C. Colvin: Orchard I

  12. Gary Hall: Divine Presence

  13. Gary Hall: Prometheus

  14. Rod Heiss: Is There Still Hope

  15. Mercedes Ng: In The Midst of Gods 1

  16. Clinton Whiting: Foresee

  17. Clinton Whiting:...From My Friends

  18. Leilani Bascom: De-objectified

  19. Marissa Albrecht: I-15 #7

  20. Jack Hattaway: Glitched Storage

  21. Cynthia Heath: Nothing

  22. Nate Brimhall: Presence

  23. Tom Jackson: Morning Sunrise

  24. Sarah Maynard: A Mother on the Phone

  25. Traci O’Very Covey: In a Sunny Meadow

  26. Mark Bigelow: One Degree Hotter, One Foot Under

  27. Linnie Brown: More or Less

  28. Justin Wheatley: Walking San Jose

  29. Justin Wheatley: Before the Market Opens

  30. J Amber Egbert: Deconstructed Vessel No. 1

  31. J Amber Egbert: Deconstructed Vessel II

  32. Stephen Wolochowicz: Floor Torp in Blue

  33. Eric Peter Johnsen: Sunrise of the Fourth Mountain

  34. Ruth Nichols: She, Her, He, Him, They, Them

  35. Carlos Miranda: Imbalances

  36. Heather Olsen: Lion Around

  37. Camille Wheatley: Optical

  38. Jeanette Lukens: White Sands

  39. Laura Sharp Wilson: Golden Underbelly

  40. Brian KrauseIron: Iron Over Earth

  41. Anne Becker: Summer Grass

  42. Stephen Bartholomew: Temple Mountain Moonlight

  43. Lovetta Reyes-Cairo: Mother Nature

  44. Courtney Lunt: Learning to Grow

  45. Gabriella Warnick: Grandma’s Lullaby

  46. Sylvia Ramachandran Skeen: Grandmother's Bronx Poppy Field Vision

  47. Sara Luna: Ilinx

  48. Günther Johannes Haidenthaller: "Die Wüste Lebt" (The Desert Lives)

  49. Andrew Rice: I LOVE SATURDAYS

  50. Andrew Rice: FRESH 89¢ APPLES

  51. Andrew Rice: epilogue

  52. Jerry Hardesty: Improv

  53. Trent Alvey: ARCH ll

  54. Mary Wells: The Alphabet Abstracted

  55. Mary Wells: Chocolate

  56. Emily Hawkins: Photogram 2: Paper Gliders, b/w

  57. Emily Hawkins: Fossils From Everyday Life #3

  58. Pamela Robins: Fancy in Color

  59. Meghan Sours: Introspection

  60. Judith Mehr: Repose

  61. Vincent Mattina: Part of the Main

  62. Sam Acevedo: Dang It Chuck... I'm Not Kidding, Open the Hatch Door!!

  63. Andrew Patteson: Untitled/0674 (Columns), from the project Midvale Slag

  64. Linda Bergstrom: "Natrona No. 1"

  65. Jason Millward: The Duet

  66. Valerie Hollstein: Born to be Wild

  67. Camilla Stark: Love & Fear (All Must Be Tried as Abraham)

  68. Samantha Snyder: Uprooted

  69. Jessica Day Smith: Portrait of a woman sitting

  70. Carlie de Jesus: Joy Ride

  71. Cynthia Clark: Pair of Royals

  72. Carma Hart Fuller: How Every Day Should Be

  73. Mark England: White America

  74. Mike Erikson: Fractured Series #1

  75. Jeff Juhlin: Blue Wanderings

  76. Kylie Millward: Domestic Remiss

  77. Kylie Millward: Menstruation Rhythm

  78. Rosanna Lynne Welter: The Deeps

  79. Pablo Ayala: Sin Tarjeta, Sin Retrato, Sin Exito

  80. Wren Ross: Acanthis, Because of the Horses.

  81. Wren Ross: Spirit Trumpets and the Haruspices

  82. Mary Ann Crabtree: Green Beans

  83. Eric Fairclough: Your Jinx Just Floats Around

  84. Nick Pedersen: Canopy (diptych)

  85. Amber Peck: Marked Absence

  86. Brian Christensen: Blood Pact

  87. Brian Christensen:Extraction Cycle

  88. Kevin Wasden:Portrait of a Mother

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