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Artist Statement: Each work in Surface Pushing Toward Immensity is rooted in a process compiling different moments and outcomes; this process is not necessarily linear. Many of the lines and actions are reciprocal and anticipate aspects that appear in other pieces. Lyrical testing spaces form.


The development of the complicated is an attraction in my work. There is no room for the cultivation of simplicity in how I approach image making and where the over amplifications are heading. I am making things more difficult – creating the work is a playful challenge. In this process, there is always adding, and rarely a need for subtraction or taking away.


The nature of these works is open to the influence of daily occurrences, observational experiences, scenes, artificial colors, what is/what is not said, the absurd, calligraphy and automatic writing. A ribboning rhythm behind what an image could be, would be and where it is going, are elements of the process I play with.

Vacillating between different settings and surfaces, there is a search for new visual dialogue informed by
telematic properties and tangible/analog art creation. In so doing, there is a pulling apart at the myth
that digital and physical/analog image making are separate – they are together. Looking at and circling
each other, crossing over. The mind, the body guides the outcome – a guiding mind, to eye, to hand.
Layered and connected.

Artist Biography:

Suzanne Bybee (1967, Anaheim, CA) is a visual artist who relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah after residing in Washington, D.C. for many years. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA in 2000. She has shown primarily in Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA; more recently she has participated in group exhibitions in Salt Lake City, Utah and Torrance, CA. Currently she is participating in collaborations and curatorial projects with other artists, writing and reviewing artists’ work, and creating art in the analog and digital realms; in addition, she is a member of Fern & Reed, an art and design collaboration with Lisa DeFrance.


Suzanne Bybee


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