Bountiful Davis Art Center is pleased to announce the 45th Annual BDAC Statewide Competition!  The Annual Statewide Competition showcases the best recent art in all media by artists who have lived in Utah.  Our guest juror Casey Jex Smith selected three winners who received $1,175 in cash prizes.

Juror Casey Jex Smith

Casey Jex Smith received a BFA in Painting from Brigham Young University and an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently resides in Provo, Utah with his wife and fellow artist Amanda Smith and their two children. His art has been exhibited at The Drawing Center, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, Yancey Richardson Gallery, Roberts & Tilton, Galerie Polaris, and Allegra LaViola Gallery. His work has been reviewed in Art Review Magazine,, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle,,, The NY Daily News, and He is co-founder of the art auction website

Image on left:

"Blessed Curse" by 2019 juror

Casey Jex Smith

Image on right:

"Pandemonium" by 2019 juror

Casey Jex Smith


1st Place: Lenka Konopasek “Caged”, 45x35x24”
2nd Place: Katie Benson “17 Years”, 38"x75"x5.5'
3rd Place: Camilla Stark “Israel in the Desert", 60x80”
Honorable Mention:
Trent Alvey “I’m Floating in A Most Peculiar Way”, 1920 × 1080, 2:35
Tyrone Davies “Ever Never Rainbow Dust”, 4:33
Nancy Andruk Olson “Expulsion”, 51 x 84”
Joseph A. Miller “Crossing” 24x39”
Stephanie Kelly Clark "Kin"
Jiyoun Lee-Lodge "Waterman - Uintah 1 & 2" 
Rachel Henriksen "Him: A Bricolage", 5' x 7'
J Amber Egbert “Entangled”, 10" x 10" x 9"
Sarah Waldron Brinton “Untitled (Middle)”, 11x14”
Accepted Pieces (in addition to winners):
Trent Reynolds “Untitled”, 7x7”
David N. LeCheminant “Girl of Orléans”, 39"h x 17"w x 13"
Andrea Savarese “West of Me”, 30x40”
Erin Berrett “Extra Ginger”, 36x36”
Jared Clark “Untitled”, 10x15”; “Untitled”, 11x11”
Laura Sharp Wilson “Lure”, 10" x 15" x 5"
Ron Linn “lith i”, 30x40”
Heidi Moller Somsen “High and Dry”, 13x21x11.5"
Danial Larsen “Anemoi”, 12"x12"
Miroslava Vomela “(Self) Portrait of an immigrant”, 20" x 24"
Rob Adamson “Bryce Canyon”, 36" X 48"
Eric Himle “Death’s Head”, 11" x 14"
David Louis Jones “Dry Farm No. 5”, 30 x 26”
Chauncey Secrist “Memory series: It's Full of Holes”, 24" x 15 1/2"
Jane Christensen “Cliffside”, 12x17”; “Swamp”, 9"x12"
Chelsea Taylor “New Problems”, 20x24”
Lenka Konopasek “Broken Landscape”, 36x70x4”
Julie Strong “In Mudra”, 20.5 x 32.5” (framed)
Christian Degn Petersen “Tattered Evening Cloth”, 6x4.5"
Ryan Moffett “I Haven't Seen You In Quite Some Time”, 24" x 6" x 4"
John Sproul “SixEight”, 30x24"
Katie Rojas “Journey of an Immigrant”, 26x24''
Rick Kennington “Texas Titans”, 18 x 36”
LAZERos “Fallibility”, 24x24”
Eric Erekson “MIT”, 24X24"
Nolan FLynn “Scrnprint1”, 40x50"
Justin Wheatley “Linden Avenue”, 24"x48"
Maureen O'Hara Ure “Morning”, 24x48”
Kaitlyn Redd “Helianthus Fibonacci”, 11" X 14"
Taylor Wright “Holy Noise”, 42" x 24"
Ralph Edwin (Eddi) Malloy “INFINITE”, 30 x 22”
Rachel Van Wagoner “Argon Bridge (b/t two clouds)”, 9x9x11”
Ron Brown “Gates of ishtar”, 24x34”
Brooke Bowen “Prayer of the Heart”, 14x18”
Rebecca Klundt “Green Things Grow Up”, 23.5x35.5”
Jolynn Forman “Shock”, 12"x12"
Deborah Bramall “Brief Illumination”, 36x48”
Linnie Brown “Reno”, 36" x 36"
Camille Wheatley “Light, As Divided By Darkness”, 11" x 14"
Cynthia L. Clark “Night Watch”, 32x32”
Laura Hope Mason “Green Sky”, 20x20”
Vincent Mattina “Whose Stern Impassioned Stress”, 14" x 32" x 4.5"
Steve Kropp “Before the Morning Heat”, 12x16”
Joujou Prochaska, Title unknown, Batik printed piece
Rebecca Pyle “The Alta Club Building, Salt Lake City”, 35x49”
Alexander Paul Stevens “permanent object: palmyra”, 12" x12" x 8"
Greg Caldwell “A man driving a truck”, 39 1/2” x 21 1/2”; “Waving man holding an orange cup”, 11” x 25”
Darryl Erdmann “A Trip Through The Inside Of A Madras Jacket”, 21'' x 21'' x 21'' x 28'' x 14'' x 30''
Jenna von Benedikt “Frequent Flyer Miles”, 36x55”
James M Rees “Life/Death”, 30" x 22"


Submission deadline June 8, 2019 11:59 PM MST

Accepted entries announced June 23 by 11:59 PM MST

Delivery of accepted pieces: July 1-15 during regular BDAC hours

Opening reception August 2 6-8 PM

On view August 2 – September 14, 2019


Winners will receive:

1st place: $600

2nd place: $375

3rd place: $200


Entry fees: $5.00 per piece for BDAC members. $15, $25, $35 for one, two, or three pieces for non-members.


Sign up for a BDAC membership online here (only $25 for artists):


The BDAC 45th Annual Statewide Competition is open to professional artists who have lived in the state of Utah. Artists may submit up to three (3) works of art in any media created within the past two years. Works previously exhibited at BDAC are NOT eligible. Include at least one (1) high-quality image of each entire piece. Applicants may also include up to two (2) detail or context photos per piece in addition to the image of the full piece, and an artist statement of up to 500 words.


Image requirements:

  • Each image may not exceed 10 MB

  • Total upload of ALL images may not exceed 20 MB

  • Accepted file types: .jpg, .png, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf


Recommended image dimensions:

  • Approximately 1280 pixels at the longest edge

  • 5 MB or less per image


For very large video or audio files applicants may submit a link to view or listen to the files online (ex: Vimeo) INSTEAD of any or all images. Total number of submitted pieces may not exceed three (3).


Artists must provide all materials for presenting accepted pieces including hanging materials (pins, screws, frames, wires etc.) and technology (monitors, media players, extension cords, etc.).


For assistance and concerns with the application call (801) 295-3618


ON VIEW AUG 2 – SEPT 14, 2019

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