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January 9 - February 20

Wildfires in Utah Art, Homes, and Lands, curated by Alexandra Karl

Etsuko Kato: Keisho

Douglas Hunter: Solar-Ruin

Susan Riedley: Above and Beyond

March 6 - April 3

Davis School District Student Exhibition

Terrel VanLeeuwen: In the Mind's Sight


April 18 - May 22, Reception May 22

47th Annual Statewide Competition

Sarah May, Artist-in-Residence: roots of my soul // raíces de mi alma // eni-k la-una

June 5 - July 16, Reception July 16

Lee Cowan: Per haec regitur et radii ad quadratum ex diametro scilicet dimidium

Kerstin Paillard: In-between Space

Sissa Zinahomi Khebou, Junior Artist-in-Residence: Centuries Inside Out 

Mia Cinelli: This Being Said

7th Annual Plein Air Competition: Miniature Plein Air

August 7 - September 11, Reception August 6

Bea Hurd: Devoured Devotion
Sue Bradford: Legacy
Nakita Shelley, Artist-in-Residence: Porous Flux
Taylor Wright: A Bell That Never Rings
Kamilla Earlywine: I am Witness to Your Transformation

September 25 - October 30

Brandon Boulton: Entropy’s Child
Jane Christensen and Ya’el Pedroza: The Space Between
Rachel Henriksen & Carrie Everett: Transformation/s, Creature Fear, or Construct/Construct
Marc T. Wise: The Availability of Secret Information
Stacie Van Arsdale: Creepycute, curated by Alison Neville:

November 13 - December 23

Winterfest Art Jubilee

Jiyoun Lee-Lodge
Rob Chipman: By Process of Reduction
Gingerbread Festival


January 15 - February 26, 2022

Matt and Chad Crane: Mindful Collaborations
Art Access Partners Artist Mentoring Program 

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